Online Reputation Management

Have you ever thought what people say about your company online? Can you control it?

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Yes, it is possible with the help of Online reputation management. It is the process of controlling & monitoring what shows up when someone looks up online on your or your co.s name.

Today, websites are no longer static brochures, no matter what the size of the business is your customers, clients, prospects and all are talking about you either by leaving a comment on your blog, posting a Facebook update about their customer experience, or talking about your products quality. Can you really control it and react to it? Why not, we believe you have the right to know the details of placement and performance.

Sometimes a reaction is not necessary but sometimes a late reaction can cost you millions. A proactive approach would be monitoring your public reputation on a regular basis, and not just when need arises.

We will help you solve this problem with a magic tool under the name of “social media monitoring.” We will help you identify and analyse online conversations by using social listening skills and clean up any damaging content a, like negative if any. For ex: diplomatic or risky social media posts, negative google results.

It is true that Everyone has the full right to express their voice about your brand. However, certain limits needs to be respected like using illegal content, false information, defamatory language, hate words to damage reputation needs to be controlled.

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To know which touch points and strategies help protect your online reputation, you can contact us and we can devise an ORM plan based on your needs.

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